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Energy consumption is expected to increase dramatically over the next 50 years as the world’s population grows and developing countries become more industrialized. We really need to consider what is the best sustainable energy transition. I’m not sure about that but what I know is that we need to go 100% for cost-efficient, sustainable energy together. You and I have the duty to make this happen. 

About OMCON   

OMCON, based in Westende, is an independent Belgian B2B consultancy company founded by Christophe De Busscher. Christophe De Busscher holds a master's degree in electromechanical engineering and an additional degree in business administration obtained at the Vlerick Business School.
Omcon is mainly active in 2 segments of the power generation industry, wind farms (more specific offshore wind farms) and traditional power generation by means of steam turbines and gas turbines.

Christophe De Busscher has held several leadership positions at different OEM's. He started his career in the engineering departement of a French steam turbine and compressor manufacturer and continued to work as a commissioning engineer of steam turbines and compressors operating on a worldwide level. Later he went to a German OEM to support sales on heavy duty rotating equipment and became the Head of Service of the oil and gas division. 

At the beginning of 2012, Christophe De Busscher swapped the steam turbine business for the offshore wind business. He was heading the local Belgian subsidiary of a German pioneering wind turbine manufacturer installing the biggest offshore wind turbines ever built (gearbox and DFIG technology). 4 years later, he went back to the German OEM to start up their offshore business, main difference was the technology, this OEM uses the direct drive technology for its offshore segment.

After more than 20 years working for OEM's and having launched 2 world players in the offshore business in Belgium, Christophe De Busscher decided to use his experience and knowledge for a broader range of customers and started the company OMCON which stands for Operations and Maintenance CONsultancy. 
OMCON will support you to increase even more your efficiency, to further decrease your costs via an approach that puts partnership as a priority. 


I have written this book with the aim to share my knowledge on heavy duty rotating equipment, more specific the steamturbines for all stakeholders working with steamturbines.

If you are operating or maintaining a turbine, if you are working for an OEM, if you are a technical purchaser, if you deliver parts or services to steamturbine operators, if you are an investor, a board member of a company operating a turbine, you should have this book.  

This book of almost 150 pages is a summary of my experience and expertise of those machines. It is full of practical hints for operation and maintenance, tips and tricks and a continuous link between the turbine in theory and in practice.
Furthermore, references to a lot of international norms used in the steamturbine industry are made and explained, such as API612, ISO 7919-3, ...

At the end of this book 1 big format Mollier chart is added enabling you to make your own energetic calculations of your machine.

Reading this book will help you understand your machine better, it will make your operation more safe, more efficient, increase your energy yield and decrease your OPEX. 

You can order the book via filling in the box here below.

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A good professional relationship between parties starts with a good contract. Especially for contracts of extreme high value and long term, every word and sentence needs to be fully correct, unambiguous and crystal-clear.

It requires many years of experience in negotiating and understanding the stakes of both parties to close a good deal.

OMCON has this knowledge and experience and will advise its customers to come to a good contract. 
OMCON experiences: operations and maintenance contracts (OEM, independent service providers,...), logistics (CTV, heli, jack-up, SOV), port facilities (Service base facility, quay and access to water),...


The understanding of the operations of a windfarm is required to define the best operational model. 
A good insight of the key activities, costs and revenues, resources with roles and responsibilities, technology, KPI's, risk and opportunities, stakeholders, local legal requirements and the market is a must. 
OMCON brings deep market knowledge, a large industrial network, a proven track record in service and technical support to its customers.

OMCON can support creating your operational model or auditing your current operational set-up.


The quality of the handover of a windfarm is critical to the future operation. OMCON has an extensive experience in taking over complete windfarms. 

OMCON can support in :
checking of documents (certificates, commissioning reports, operator manuals, as built documentation, ..)
approval of reliabilility test of a new wind turbine according to contractual obligations
tower walk downs (signalisations, marking of voltage levels, WLL, safety cards, anchor points, available PPE's, earthing and lightning protection, ...)
compliance check of local legislation (fire extinghuisers, electrical sockets, color coding electrical cables, ...)
​​​​​​​punchlist management


OMCON has a long track record in managing projects, shorter and longer, smaller and bigger projects.
The last nomination was for a full scope, all-in O&M project in the offshore wind business.

Omcon will support you managing your project.


Some technically skilled persons have problems reading long contracts. However, knowing the content of the contract is mandatory to a safe, smooth, efficient and economical operation.

OMCON designed a special method to teach the contract content to a group of persons and uses the same technique as a team building activity. 

OMCON knows which contract items and clauses are important for a team. The morning session is a collective reading of the most important clauses of the contract. The afternoon session is a game played in teams. The game is a kind of trivial persuit version with questions on the contract.

The feedback of the players is always very positive : "The team created more power than the offshore windfarm today and there is a lot of wind!"


OMCON can support in temporary short term shortage of resources or in periods of additional workload for several operational functions.

Operational profiles that OMCON can fill in:
- site management
- planning
- contract/claim management
- audits (Q-ISO9001 & E-ISO14001 & S-OHSAS18001)



Steam turbines are very stable machines. Anyhow due to the high speeds, pressures, temperatures, torques and loads on the machine, the operational behavior can change rapidly.

OMCON has a very long and strong track record in troubleshooting on steam turbines and can support its customers to analyse the problem.

Many minor technical issues can be solved without involvement of the OEM. OMCON can support in those cases.


Each overhaul, minor or major is to be managed as a project, strating from the scope definition, tender text writing, potential supplier selection,  contract awarding, shutdown planning, shutdown execution, re-commissioning and finally reporting of executed works, inspections and repairs.
OMCON supports in the complete process of an overhaul from A to Z.

During the overhaul itself I, Christophe De Busscher can act as the project manager of your complete overhaul.
During most turbine overhauls, the turbine is overhauled during a complete shutdown of a unit and many parallel activities are to be executed. No headaches for you of not being able to follow up the stop, I'll take over that responsibility of you, enabling you to use my input for later negotiations, discussions. I have done more than 100 overhauls of steam turbines. 


Just like human beings have a yearly health check, your steam turbine train should have this check as well.
OMCON can execute this health check as an independent expert.
What will be checked :
- the efficiency of the steam turbine (based on your measurements on your machine).
- the bearing temperatures, overall vibration levels
- steam temperatures and pressures
- condition of the oil unit
- general condition of the machine, oil steam leaks, status insulation, thermal expansion possibilities, steamtraps, ...

A full report with measurements, findings, pictures and recommendations will be send in an electronic format.


For owners of steam turbines, the steam turbine is the most important and critical machine of the complete entity.
Hence, knowledge on how a steam turbine works is mandatory for all personnel working with this machine, mainly the operators and maintenance technicians.

OMCON offers to its customers tailor made trainings.
The training will be held on site, including a visit of your machine.
OMCON offers a variety of trainings and customers can select the packages from a menu of different topics.   


ENGLISH : The working principle of a steam turbine (XX/XX/2020)

Training : Working principle of a steam turbine

Your steamturbine is probably 1 of the most important assets of your installation, do you and your colleagues really know how this machine works?

On XXXXXXXX OMCON BV will organise a 1 day training on the operation and the working principles of a steam turbine, with the special aim to increase the knowledge of persons working daily with steamturbines.

The training will take place in XXXXXXXX

The training will mainly focus on the operation and working principles of a steam turbine.

Following topics will be handled:

- What is steam and explanation of the Mollier diagram
- Main components of a steam turbine
- The Gearbox
- The Generator
- The oil supply unit
- The sealing steam
- Starting & synchronising of a steam turbine
- Normal operating parameters, alarm and trips
- Instrumentation of a steam turbine with reference to RDS PP or KKS on the PID
- Vibration analysis of steam turbines

Every participant receives a training book with a steam diagram.

The training will be given in English.

The training starts at 9h30 and ends at 17h00.

From 9h00 a welcome coffee and at noon a quick lunch is foreseen, after the training we end the trainingday with a networkdrink.

Price all inclusive: 410 €/person (excl VAT)

Subscribe HEREUNDER, if you are interested in this training but can't participate, send an email to


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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.